The real-time table tennis scoreboard.

Live TT Scoreboard started as a passion project, and has since grown into a mobile app and desktop application to provide scoreboards for all situations.

For full transparency, Live TT Scoreboard is built on Google Firebase, which has a very generous free tier, and allows the costs of Live TT Scoreboard to be extremely low, with the current usage.

With the growing usage and popularity of Live TT Scoreboard, eventually there will be some variable costs, but for now, there are a few fixed costs.

These fixed costs are:

  • Apple App Store Yearly Fee: $100
  • Google Play Store Yearly Fee: $25

I am completely capable of paying these fees, and intend to keep paying these fees, while also keeping the app, and website completely Ad-free, to provide the best streaming experience for table tennis communities around the world.

If you wish to support this project, there is a donation button down below, otherwise, please continue to share Live TT Scoreboard with those around you, and help enhance the streaming experience for table tennis around the world!

Thank you!