LA Ping Pong Instructions

Welcome to Live TT Scoreboard! If you are viewing this page, you are most likely participating in the LA Ping Pong League! Live TT Scoreboard gives us a convenient way to drastically improve the look of table tennis matches by providing scoreboards, through an easy to use mobile app, and website.

LA Ping Pong’s goal is to provide the best table tennis experience possible. This includes expanding viewership to the family and friends of those participating. Due to COVID19, video streaming has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. These instruction will show you how to live stream your LA Ping Pong Table Tennis Matches.

Getting Started

First, we need the hardware:

  • One Android/iOS Smartphone/Tablet to keep score.
  • One Android/iOS Smartphone/Tablet to shoot the live stream video(with WiFi, preferably).

Next, we need the software:

  • Live TT Scoreboard — To Keep Score (iOS/Android)
  • Prism Live Studio — To Live Stream With Scoreboard(iOS/Android)

Setting Up Live TT Scoreboard

  1. Launch the Live TT Scoreboard App
  2. On the initial page, tap on My Tournaments, or the Menu icon on the top left, then My Tournaments.
  3. You will be ask to create an account, you can use your Facebook, Google, Apple(iOS), or Email.
  4. After logging in, on the bottom right hand corner, press the red button with a “+”.
  1. Press Add Existing Tournament/Match.
  2. Choose your upcoming match from the list and press Add to my Participating Tournaments.
  3. Enter the password(this will be sent to you). Press Participate.
  4. Before the start of the match, go back to the My Tournaments page, press See Tables, and on Table 1, press Edit, and fill out at least the First Name.
  5. After making changes, go back to Keep Score.

Setting Up Prism Live Studio

  1. Launch the Prism Live Studio App
  2. Create an account using any of the options provided.
  3. After logging in, Swipe Left and Press Widget.
  1. Choose Web, on the bottom.
  1. Paste the scoreboard URL into the field, this will be provided to you.
  2. Hit Save and select the new icon available.
  1. Swipe right to go back to the main screen.
  2. Press Ready, then Set Destination.
  1. Choose Custom RTMP.
  1. Stream URL and Stream Key will be provided to you.
  2. Press Save.
  3. Your screen should display a scoreboard on top of your camera, adjust the scoreboard to your desired position.
  4. Come game time, hit Go Live.
  5. The 2nd device will be used to keep score.

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