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Your All-in-One Solution to Displaying Table Tennis Scores!

See Scores Online, Locally, or Live Streamed

Using the Tournament Website, the entire tournament cany be viewed from a single web page, each table has a court-side digital scoreboard option, and a Live Stream Scoreboard to overlay your live streaming video, using Open Broadcasting Software(OBS) or an equivalent.

View All Tournament Tables

Offers two different views, by default all of the matches are displayed, current and finished games sorted by the round of competition. Sort By Table view, will show you all of the tables.

Visit the Tournament Website

Court-Side Digital Scoreboard

Using a computer, tablet or phone, the court-side scoreboard replaces the traditional scoreboard, with a digital version. This feature is available for each table, and can be accessed from the the Tournament Website, or the “Table Scoreboard” tab in the Mobile Application. 

How to use on mobile app

Live Stream Overlay

With Streaming software that supports a Browser Overlay over the live streaming video(OBS, Wirecast, etc). The scores will updated remotely, using the Mobile Application

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Customized Live Stream Scoreboard now available in Version 1.23!

In Version 1.23, a brand new feature has been added to change the colors, widths, and other settings of your competition’s live stream scoreboard. To customize your live stream scoreboard.[…]

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New Live Stats Added! Version 1.22 is Live!

In version 1.22, a new feature has been added that enables real time statistics of the players. Statistics Added Current Game Points Won on ServePercentage of points won on serveCurrent[…]

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About Me

Love to play, and promote table tennis. Created Live TT Scoreboard because I wanted to allow people to have access to a professional looking scoreboard, without the complicated setup, equipment, and budget. Thus, Live TT Scoreboard was design to operate on personal devices.  

Jack McCarthy

Live TT Scoreboard Creator