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Live TT Scoreboard V1 Android App Removed From Play Store

New installs of Live TT Scoreboard Mobile app for Android are no longer available on the Google Play Store. Existing installations of the app will still work as usual, but[…]

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Live Scoring For Multiple Tables Now Available

What is live scoring compared to a scoreboard? Live scoring is a publicly available web page to be shared with users that are not able to attend the live stream,[…]

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Bring Your Language To Open Scoreboard

The source code to Open Scoreboard is available to view on Github. The application is currently English only, but there are many people around the world who would appreciate the[…]

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Why does Open Scoreboard exist?

Live streaming is hard, right? On top of the camera setup, there is a large amount of time consumed in different streaming platforms and other things. We mostly only see scoreboards on TV, or productions with dedicated crews, using expensive animation/grapical design software. What about the people who want a quality sports stream, but don’t have the budget for a full scale production? Open Scoreboard caters to the passionate sport streamer who can add quality graphics, without needing a proprietary scoring software. Open Scoreboard provides you, the streamer with the scoreboard overlay, and you, get to decide what streaming software you use, paid or free.

Drag and Drop Editor

Use the powerful editor, with drag and drop components that react to events happening during the match. Add your own images, or add colorful backgrounds to your scoreboards, customizing every detail.

Real Time Updates

Open Scoreboards uses Websockets, which allows for instant scoring updates, while used locally, or add your Firebase project details, and use the power of the cloud to power your scoring, still with near instant update times.

Live Stream Overlay Or Court Side

The customization of the scoreboard allows for any kind of scoreboard layout. This can includes layouts for courtside TVs, match summaries, or being placed directly over your live stream video.

Project History

The project was first created in 2019 as an Android and iOS application, with the sole objective of keeping score for table tennis matches. The mobile app slowly gained popularity, eventually becoming a useful tool all over the world. A desktop application was also created for those who appreciated the network stability of a local network. In 2023, a complete redesign was created as a web application, but there seemed to be an interest amongst other sports, and so Open Scoreboard was born, to allow passionate developers the ability to use this platform as a way to better serve their communities.

Jack McCarthy

Open Scoreboard Author