Getting Started

Do you want to add a scoreboard on top of your video?

You’ve come to the right place.

Open Scoreboard is a web based software to assist you with adding a scoreboard to any video or live stream.


  1. Streaming Software
    • OBS, Stream Labs, Prism Live Studio, etc.
  2. Open Scoreboard Account

Streaming Software Setup

There are many different softwares for streaming or recording video with custom overlays on top. The only requirement for Open Scoreboard, is that a Web Browser Overlay can be used.

OBS(Open Broadcasting Software) is recommended for PC/Mac streaming setups, and is Free and Open Sourced too.

Prism Live Studio is recommended for Android and iOS setups. This software is free to use, but does require a Prism Live Studio account to use the app.

Open Scoreboard Setup

  1. Create an account at
  2. Go to Tables/Courts and create one, type in a name, and choose the sport(if available) you want to keep score for.
  3. On the newly created table/court, click the sharing arrow icon, a list of links will show, Copy the link for the Scoreboard you want to use.
  4. With the copied scoreboard link, go to your streaming software, and add the browser overlay with the copied URL.
  5. In Open Scoreboard, go to Tables/Courts, click the scoreboard icon, this will take you to the page where all score keeping is done.
  6. Play ball! Use the score keeping interface to keep score, as you update the score, so will the browser overlay on your video!