Month: April 2024

Live Scoring For Multiple Tables Now Available

What is live scoring compared to a scoreboard? Live scoring is a publicly available web page to be shared with users that are not able to attend the live stream, where the scoreboards are being displayed. Scoreboard URLs produced by the app are mostly used by the live streaming team, or used on TVs in…
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Bring Your Language To Open Scoreboard

The source code to Open Scoreboard is available to view on Github. The application is currently English only, but there are many people around the world who would appreciate the application in their own language. This article is here to describe how you can contribute to the application, by creating a file with accurate translations.…
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Scoreboard Templates Available Online

Need help getting started with your scoreboard? We have templates to get you started. Open Scoreboard has a number of pre-made scoreboards that you can import into your editor. You can find all the available templates here. Importing Templates