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All-in-One Solution for Displaying Table Tennis Scores!

Live TT Scoreboard Local Edition v2.1 Release Notes

The Local Edition is a version of Live TT Scoreboard updated periodically to closely replicate the features of the main mobile application. Instead of the application being on your mobile phone, and the data stored in the cloud, the local edition is for locations with poor internet connections, your PC(Mac or Windows) will act as…
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Customized Live Stream Scoreboard now available in Version 1.23!

In Version 1.23, a brand new feature has been added to change the colors, widths, and other settings of your competition’s live stream scoreboard. To customize your live stream scoreboard. Click “Edit” on an existing competition. Near the bottom of the menu screen, tap “Live Stream Settings.” A preview of the scoreboard will show at…
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New Live Stats Added! Version 1.22 is Live!

In version 1.22, a new feature has been added that enables real time statistics of the players. Statistics Added Current Game Points Won on Serve Percentage of points won on serve Current Winning Streak Total Total Points Won Percentage of Points Won Points Won On Serve Percentage of Points Won On Serve Longest Winning Streak…
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Live TT Scoreboard V1.15 Released!

New Features League Matches Supported! Creating a League match is now an option when creating a new event. League Matches display the OVERALL Team Match scores, for example, if Team A won the first match up, it will now show Team A 1 – 0 Team B. Team Names have been moved to an event…
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Local Edition V1.0 Released!

Live TT Scoreboard Local Edition v1.0 has now been released. Live TT Scoreboard is a cloud based Mobile Application that allows players to easily keep score from their mobile device. The Local edition has been released for those who want a local, reliable connection, and still be able to use the Court-Side Scoreboard, and Live…
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