New Live Stats Added! Version 1.22 is Live!

The real-time table tennis scoreboard.

New Live Stats Added! Version 1.22 is Live!

In version 1.22, a new feature has been added that enables real time statistics of the players.

Statistics Added

Current Game

  • Points Won on Serve
  • Percentage of points won on serve
  • Current Winning Streak


  • Total Points Won
  • Percentage of Points Won
  • Points Won On Serve
  • Percentage of Points Won On Serve
  • Longest Winning Streak Of the Game

Statistic Location

Viewing a tournament at HTTPS://, if a game was recorded with version 1.22, each game would be displayed like below:

If there are any additional statistics that you think could be added on a per match basis, or have any other questions, feel free to contact me at

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