Eleven TT VR, Predefined Players, Custom Images and More in V1.40!

Eleven TT VR, Predefined Players, Custom Images and More in V1.40!

Eleven Table Tennis Support(Beta)

The largest feature of this release. Live TT Scoreboard now supports scoreboards for players in Eleven Table Tennis VR, the popular game on VR headsets. Completely different from the Tournament and League Matches, the scoreboard is updated on its own. This works by selecting a single player’s username, and the score will update itself. This is only possible by the great work of ForFun Labs, the creators of Eleven Table Tennis.

  • At least 1 Username must be selected to create a VR scoreboard
  • A few things to understand about Live TT Scoreboard’s behavior due to the Eleven Table Tennis API:
    1. A score of 0-0 does not exist upon starting a new game. Name and score changes will only occur after the first point.
    2. The score on the left side of the player’s name is meant to show how many sets each player has one against the other in recent history. This is the same way Eleven VR Tournaments are structured, where one best 2 out of 3 match is one point in the best 3 out of 5 tournament match up.
    3. The score on the left hand side can be manually changed in the settings, or hidden via your live stream scoreboard settings.
    4. Service Icon has been disabled due to inconsistent data coming from the API, but may be available if becomes included.

Predefined(Saved) Players

This has been a long asked for feature, as typing in a players’ names is a tedious task.

How To Add A Predefined Player

  • For the player to show up on the table edit, the player must first be added to the tournament from your local device.
  • Players can be added from two locations, 1. The person icon on My Tournaments and Manage Predefined Players
Hit the person icon to add player names
Add Players To your local device.
Inside the tournament/league settings, tap on Manage Pre-defined Players
Select the player, make sure it says “Added”

The “Select From Player List” when editing a table will show the list of predefined players, selecting the player will automatically add their name to the respective slot.

Live Stream Scoreboard

Select Fonts are allowed

  • To locate, go to My Tournaments > Edit Tournament > Live Stream Settings > Other Settings > Text Font
  • Choose the font that best fits your taste. Below are some of the Fonts available.

Custom Images Added

  • Image must be in the form of a URL, unfortunately image uploads are not supported at this time.
  • To locate this setting, go to My Tournaments > Edit Tournament > Live Stream Settings > Image Settings
  • Aspect ratio of the photo will remain the same, but will be the same height as the scoreboard.


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