Live TT Scoreboard V1.15 Released!

Live TT Scoreboard V1.15 Released!

New Features

League Matches Supported!

  • Creating a League match is now an option when creating a new event.
  • League Matches display the OVERALL Team Match scores, for example, if Team A won the first match up, it will now show Team A 1 – 0 Team B.
  • Team Names have been moved to an event level setting, meaning that only the league match creator can change the team name.
  • League match creator can manually increase or decrease the Team Scores in “Edit” League Match.

Live Streaming With StreamLabs

  • StreamLabs is an iOS and Android application that allows the Live Stream Scoreboard to be displayed on top of your video.
  • This combination of Live TT Scoreboard and StreamLabs allows for professional looking table tennis live video streams from the convenience of a mobile device.
  • Each table has a button to copy the URL of the table, copy the url from Live TT Scoreboard, and paste it into the StreamLabs URL Widget.

Two Versions of Live Stream Scoreboards

  • The default version for each tournament is Version 2. For version one, you must manually change the settings in your tournament settings after creating the tournament/match.
  • This setting will change the URL that is provided to you for your live stream scoreboard.

Version 1 Example

Version 2 Example

Resize Live Stream Scoreboard V2

  • In the StreamLabs application, there is no way to increase the size of the scoreboard, but increasing the window size or the URL Widget.
  • Accessed under your tournament/match settings, at the bottom is “StreamLabs Settings”
  • The Version 2 scoreboard can be magnified from 1-2 times the size, in increments of .1 times. This allows you to choose the acceptable size for your live stream.

Tournament Invitations To Keep Score

  • Under “Edit” in “My Tournaments” there is a Share access button.
  • This page gives you 3 options to share the tournament password with volunteers/players or anyone who can help keep score.
  • Options are Text, Email, or copy the invitation text, in case the first two do not work.
  • Password can be changed in “Edit” under “My Tournaments”.

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