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Local Edition V1.0 Released!

Live TT Scoreboard Local Edition v1.0 has now been released. Live TT Scoreboard is a cloud based Mobile Application that allows players to easily keep score from their mobile device. The Local edition has been released for those who want a local, reliable connection, and still be able to use the Court-Side Scoreboard, and Live…
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How to Create a Tournament and Share it with Others

In this article we are going to cover the process of creating a tournament, and how to allow others to help keep scores for the tables.


Scoring is a crucial part of a table tennis match. In most competitions, the score is kept by the players who are playing the match. In higher end tournaments, each match is assigned an umpire/volunteer to keep score, and enforce the rules. In large budget events, they have paid umpires keeping the scores, and a…
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